About Clementine Data

Clementine Data is a data solutions company that partners with businesses to help solve business problems, enabling better, smarter and faster decisions. Our goal is to provide the right solutions for your company – whether it be analyzing data, creating dashboards or helping with back-office operations for your organization.

At our heart, we specialize in three areas

Image Analytics

Data Analytics

Process Outsourcing

Business Application of our Services


 We provide data based insights along with data visualization services. This will enable you to understand your business KPIs better and help you drive sound business strategy.


We have helped our retail clients understand their retail environment and identify key outages in their environment in real-time. We are one of the few companies worldwide to analyze and code thousands of images through our proprietary solutions and convert them into meaningful information.


We have a fully functional back-office operations and support team, that can provide great value for any support function in your company including accounting, bookkeeping, data entry, audit, transcription, presentation etc. We strive to be a low-cost and high-quality service provider.


Our services can help you with marketing activity tracking including ROI calculations, market share performance and competitive benchmarking across various industries. We also help identify white space and growth opportunities for your brands.

Why Bangladesh?

Rapidly Becoming One of the Hotbeds for IT Outsourcing

As one of the fastest growing economies in the world, Bangladesh IT sector is booming and is currently ranked by AT Kearney as one of the Top 20 countries in the world for Outsourcing Services.

Why Choose Clementine Data

  • Data Analytics Expertise: We have extensive experience in handling survey data, customer data and big data. We are also able to provide custom-  charting, powerpoint help, basic modeling, ROI calculations and benchmarking
  • Image Analytics Expertise: We are globally a pioneer in Image Analytics and are able to analyze thousands of pictures in rapid speed
  • Business Process Outsourcing: Our offices are able to support 24 hours business process outsourcing support for your company like Data Entry, Transcription etc.
  • Value: We strive to provide the best value across the consulting industry in South Asia and are always working to improve our value equation for our clients
  • Trusted Partner: Our client base includes Fortune 500 companies who work very closely with us
  • External Partnership: We have an extensive partnership and joint venture relationships with industry experts, research companies, crowdsourcing application providers which enables us to tap into the best sources of knowledge and capability

We are creators of high-quality analytics

Data Analytics


Image Analytics


Business Process Outsourcing