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A List of Our Services

Data Analytics

  • Full-service Customer Data Analytics including big data
  • Connect various sources of internal and external data to solve business problems
  • Handle large volume of customer data to serve them in a simple intuitive interface
  • Financial and statistically modelling services
  • Data Consolidation and Integration
  • BI Reporting, historical and ad-hoc
  • Data Science and other deep analytics

Image Analytics

  • Image analysis through our proprietary solution enabling to transform large volume of images into meaningful information for clients
  • Analyze and code images from internal or external sources to help identify outages in your retail environment
  • Support in sourcing images via leading industry partners
  • Evaluate retail health of your products by identifying trackable KPI and measuring them over time

Business Process Outsourcing

  • Support various aspects of Business Process Outsourcing services
  • Back-office support on all aspects of analytics and data management
  • Excel based analytics, Charting, and Coding
  • Presentation creation and editing services
  • Image, Audio or Video transcription
  • Basic Archiving and Coding